Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dutilh Family Coat of Arms

The Dutilh family originates from Aquitaine, the French Region located in the South West of the country, in particular from places like Bearn and Orthez. Until to date this is the region where most Dutilh’s are living. The Dutch Dutilh family descends from Clairac, the city which its ancestors left in around 1700. At present around ninety descendants live around the world, but most of them still live in The Netherlands, with a large number in both Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

According to family foundation website, numerous attempts have been made to explain the meaning of the various elements of the coat of arms. The anchor might point to Christian symbolism. The anchor was, among many early Christian symbols, common in the Roman Catacombs where the early Christians sought refuge. The two silver rectangles next to the sun are, in fact, open Bibles, as in some older versions of their coat of arms where they actually look like open books. The sun stands for the light of God and the motto stems from the early period of the reformation, especially from the Academy Jean Calvin founded in Geneva in 1559.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Latest Coats of Arms for Fine Legacy

Hot of the press, a new batch of essentially American Coats of Arms I have just put together for Fine Legacy. The company stands on a foundation of unparalleled expertise in heraldry. Here is what they have to offer, according to their website:

"The journey begins by talking about things that are the most important to you, your beliefs, your feelings, and your philosophies. This is a personal journey and with this in mind, we work directly with you professionally and privately. We’re here to guide you in this ancient tradition. One goal in creating your new coat of arms is to give you a visual and personal representation of your family’s beliefs and history. Second, we have a responsibility to the specific rules of this ancient honor. The paramount goal is to ensure that you are 100% happy with your new arms!"

Make sure to check their new and improved website here

Davis Family Coat of Arms

Hancock Family Coat of Arms

Powell Family Coat of Arms

Washington Family Coat of Arms